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Newcastle Emlyn Ceredigion Wales
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Newcastle Emlyn Castle stands next to a crossing point of the River Teifi, on the border of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion in West Wales. The River Teifi‘s swooping meanders at this point were a natural defensive position for those warlike medieval times, while today the time worn ruins on the picturesque grassy knoll make the site a pleasant place to visit.<br><br> The castle was mentioned in Brut y Tywysogion in 1215, when it was seized by Llewelyn the Great, and over the years it had a troubled history with it changing hands several times between the Welsh and the English.<br><br> In 1240 it was under the control of the Welsh Lord Maredudd ap Rhys, and his son, Rhys ap Maredudd, held the castle in 1287. The castle changed hands a number of times during his successful revolt against the English crown from 1287 to 1289. After Rhys had finally been defeated and killed, the castle became crown property and remained so until 1349. <br><br> In 1403 the castle, as with several others, was captured during the Welsh revolt under Owain Glyndŵr. Following the end of the rebellion the castle fell into disrepair until Sir Rhys ap Thomas acquired and repaired the castle during the Tudor period. <br><br> Newcastle Emlyn Castle changed hands again a number of times before the Civil War, during which it was held by Parliament until its capture by the Royalists in 1644. Parliamentary forces besieged the castle in 1645 but they were defeated following a fierce engagement below the castle walls. <br><br> Following the general surrender of the Royalists the castle was slighted and ever since neglected.<br><br> Today all that remain are remnants of some of the walls and the ruins of the gate.
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