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Llanddwyn Anglesey Wales
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Llanddwyn Island is the jewel in the crown of the west coast of Anglesey, having several beautiful coves, pleasant shingle and sandy beaches and superb views of Snowdonia and the Lleyn (Llyn) Peninsula.<br><br>In fact its one of my favourite places to visit in Wales. |If you are lucky enough to visit on a warm summers day then I would strongly recommend you take along your swimming costume as you won't find many more inviting waters than the waters off Llanddwyn Island.I remember visiting the island in late May one year. I had been staying in the campervan near Brynsiencyn and had cycled to Llanddwyn to take some pictures. It was a gorgeous day and I was sunbathing on the warm sands following a dip in the clear blue waters.<br><br>I had the beach to myself until an elderly lady walked by, she stopped and said what a perfect beach... a little bit of heaven ...rather like the Greek Islands in the film Mama Mia. <br><br> I had to agree, the week before I had been on the beach in Barcelona, and I dont know if it is my age catching up on me, but while sunbathing among the thousands on Barcelona beach, squashed up like a sardine on a grill, I had been thinking what a 'hell of a place'.<br><br> Although I love the City of Barcelona - I much preferred the heaven of Llanddwyn Island beach. | Although its name suggests otherwise, Llanddwyn Island is usually easily accessible via a short walk along Newborough Beach and an even shorter walk across a causeway. However, at certain times, the Island can become…an island, and this has left visitors stranded and cut off by the high tides. | Indeed, during the stormy winter of 2013 – 14 three people and their dog had to be rescued after being cut off by the high tide. | It seems that water four feet deep covered the causeway trapping them on the island. | Fortunately, the coastguards were called and the party was ferried back to the mainland of Anglesey.
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