Church Street Leominster Herefordshire England
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St Peter and St Paul's Priory Church Leominster is an historic church founded in medieval times. The most famous feature of the church is the Ducking Stool to be found inside the church, which is reputedly the last one used in England. There may well have been earlier religious houses on the site but the red sandstone church as seen today is all that remains of the 12th century Benedictine monastery, with many of the original buildings being destroyed following the Dissolution of the monasteries. Externally the West doorway has fine examples of Herefordshire School of Sculpture and there is a selection of carved headstops to the nave windows and parapets. The headstops have been added throughout the ages as evidenced by a carved head of Queen Victoria and indeed, unless I am mistaken, a carved head of the 20th century politician Aneuryn Bevan. Within the church can be found a 13th century 'Wheel of Life' wall painting, and copies of Benedictine manuscripts associated with the Priory are on display.
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