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September 3 2004

An extract from the letters page in the Daily Post Sept 2nd 2004 from Michael Skuse, Denbighshire Against Rural Turbines

We want to say this to the Welsh Assembly Government:

Go, if you dare, to Cefn Croes, where the largest windfarm yet is being built.
Stand on the hillside and look at the breathtaking panorama and then weep for the shame of what you are doing to our landscape heritage there.
50 years ago a potential National Park - today a wasteland of industrial blight.
But a word of advice to you - do not tell the locals who you are. For it is you who have trashed their environment; you who are wasting their money on a foolish adventure; you who ignored the cries of desperate communities.

Less you think the anger will die down and go away, be assured that every visitor, every resident and every voter can see the vandalism that was done by you in the name of greenness.
Now you want to cover the Denbigh Moors with these things - for what?
They will make no difference whatsoever to global warming - you know that, but you cannot admit it.
When all these futile turbines cease to spin, they will stand silent ghostly tombstone towers, bearing the names of you who let it happen. May your decisions haunt you day and night!

The text of this letter is adapted from a speech reported in Australian Hansard, where there is similar fierce opposition to these "bog brushes in the sky".

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