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Welsh lady, Mair a welsh lady costume doll hand made in Wales

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There are six dolls in the Ladies of Wales, Merched Cymru, range. Standing 14" high, they feature individual head sculptures, reproduced in porcelain in Brenda's studio in the heart of Wales. Brenda also designs and makes all the costumes, whilst the replica accessories such as drop spinners and yokes are handmade for the individual doll by her husband, Roger. All Welsh Lady dolls are numbered and a signed certificate of authenticity accompanies each creation.

Mair pembrokeshire fishwoman

Pembrokeshire has many sheltered harbours along the rugged south-west stretch of the Welsh coastline giving rise to many little fishing communities, and many villagers were employed in the fishing industry. Welsh Doll Mair is seen with a specially made scale replica net mending tool and has a net over her arm. She wears a woollen dress with the skirts looped up and a serviceable under skirt apron and sleeve guards. The heavy shawl tied behind the waist, was once red but it's present colour suggests repeated washing. A muslin head scarf keeps her hair out of the way, and her hat turns slightly up at the back and dips down and the front. As with all our Welsh Lady Dolls Mair stands 14 high (including hat). Mair has porcelain head, hands and half-legs. Mair's features are china painted and she has life-like eyes and a soft brown mohair wig.

With certificate Signed & numbered

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