Trefriw Lakes Trail, a walk from Trefriw village in the Conwy Valley to the lakes of Llyn Crafnant and Llyn Geirionydd
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Where is it ? The walk starts at Trefriw Woollen Mills In the beautiful countryside of the Conwy Valley, Snowdonia North Wales.
How long will it take ? The walk took approximately 4 hours with a lot of dawdling along the way. The distance covered was 6.6 mile.
What's the attraction ? Includes forest tracks, the two beautiful lakes of Llyn Geirionydd and Llyn Crafnant, the historic Klondyke Lead Mill, views of the Crafnant Valley.
Rating : Easy. But with 2 short steep sections.
Essentials : Walking boots and appropriate wet weather clothes required. OS map and compass are always welcome. But it would be difficult to get lost on this walk.


DIRECTIONS > [ Map of Trefriw Trails Walk location Map opens in a new window

Exit the A55 at junction 19, take the A470 exit to Betws-y-coed - 0.2 mile. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto A470. Continue to follow A470 south for 4.4 mile. Turn right at B5279 continue for 1.0 mile. Turn left at B5106 continue for 5.7 mile to Trefriw



Lets Go! - The Trefriw Lakes Trail
The walk starts in the Conwy Valley village of Trefriw in North Wales. Get off the bus or park the car in the centre of the village and cross the road, B5106, close to the Trefriw Woollen Mills. We start with a short detour to the
Llyn Geirionydd above the Conwy Valley
Fairy Falls.

Take the lane alongside the river, the Afon Crafnant, and a short walk uphill takes you past the rear of the old chapel building and leads to the Fairy Falls. The Fairy Falls are close to the centre of the village and well worth the detour if this is your first visit to Trefriw.

From the falls take the short path uphill toward the bridge level, bearing left at the top of the bank. Continue along the lane to the road. Bear left uphill and right at the next junction at the top of the road. Continue ahead to what I call the Crafnant Valley Road, bear left and continue forward. Follow the road for a 1/4 mile and fork to the left just after passing an "old looking" but actually new barn in a field on your left. The trail continues through boulder strewn woodlands carpeted with emerald green moss. On leaving the woodland the trail veers to the left and climbs the steep hillside. On your right, through the trees, you may see the ruins of the old Klondyke lead ore mill.

At the top of the climb you may take a well earned rest on a wooden bench while enjoying the glorious view across the Crafnant valley toward the Gelli plantation. Continue the walk in a southerly direction along the level track (if you have been sitting on the bench then bear left). This section of the trail is particularly flat as it was originally the bed of the tram track that transported the lead ore that was mined from the Pandora Mine at the southern end of Llyn Geirionydd. The ore was then lowered to the Mill workings at the bottom of the hill via an aerial tramway (the remains of which can still be seen).

Follow the track south for 3/4 mile to the northern tip of Llyn Geirionydd. Veer to the right toward the western bank of the lake. The Taliesin Monument, which commemorates the sixth century Welsh bard, is an excellent spot for viewing
Klondyke Lead Mill in Crafnant Valley
the lake. Notice the monkey puzzle tree.

The trail continues through the forest along the west bank of the lake. This section of the trail has some rough ground and can be a bit of a scramble in parts. But it can't be described as dangerous. (Take the road alongside the east bank of the lake if you are not confident of your ability, and join up with the walk at the south west point of the lake).

On exiting the forest the trail crosses an open field before joining a forestry road. The forest road zig zags up the side of the hill in a general westerly direction. The trail we follow however cuts out several of the zigs and some of the zags as it cuts through the trees in a more direct route toward the second lake, Llyn Crafnant. At the fourth junction of trail and road (you will recognise the spot as the road forks both left and right at this point) take the trail west into the dark dark forest.

It is all downhill from this point, and after half a mile we leave the forest behind and enter a more open aspect above Llyn Crafnant. Bear to the right and stay on the track as far as the junction with the lakeside road. Bear right along the road. On your left is the Lakeside Cafe offering light meals and refreshments (seasonal). The hills of Creigiau Gleision, Craig Wen, and Crimpiau offer a magnificent backdrop to the view toward the south west of the lake. Our walk continues alongside the lake to the northern tip of Llyn Crafnant before descending the Crafnant Valley alongside the tumbling waters of the Afon Crafnant and returning to the village of Trefriw.

Buy the Ordnance Survey Map:
Outdoor Leisure OL17 (1:25,000) or the Landranger Sheet 115 (1:50,000)

Afon Crafnant alongside the Trefriw Woollen Mill
Old Chapel in Trefriw
1.The walk starts close to Trefriw Woollen Mill 2.The Old Chapel in Trefriw
Fairy Falls Trefriw
Flowers alongside the way
3.We soon reach the Fairy Falls Trefriw 4.Nice flowers along the wayside
Old Mill and barn
Barn close to where the road forks left
5.Old Mill and barn in the Crafnant Valley 6.The fork in the road is close to the barn
Friendly Billy Goat Gruff
Moss covered boulders in the woodlands alongside the river crafnant
7.Friendly Billy Goat Gruff 8.Moss covered boulders in the woodlands alongside the river
Moss covered trees in the woodlands
Klondyke Lead Mill in the crafnant valley
9.Moss covered trees in the woodlands 10.Old buildings of the Klondyke Lead Mill
View across the Crafnant Valley
The trail continues on the track bed of the Ponderosa Mine workings
11.View across the Crafnant Valley 12.The trail continues on the redundant track bed of the Ponderosa Mine workings
Ubiquitous pine plantations close to Llyn Geirionydd
Monument to the 6th century bard, Taliesin. above Geirionydd
13.Ubiquitous pine plantations close to Llyn Geirionydd 14.Monument to the 6th century bard, Taliesin, on the banks of Geirionydd
Llyn Geirionydd
Trail cuts through the forest on the banks of Geirionydd
15.Llyn Geirionydd and monkey puzzle tree 16.Trail cuts through the forest on the west bank
Reflections on Lake Geirionydd
forest between Geirionydd and Crafnant
17.Reflections on Lake Geirionydd 18.Into the dark dark forest leading to Crafnant
Moss covered trees alongside the forest trail
First view of Llyn Crafnant
19.Moss covered trees alongside the forest trail 20.First view of Llyn Crafnant
The hills of Creigiau Gleision, Craig Wen, and Crimpiau as a backdrop to Llyn Crafnant
21.The hills of Creigiau Gleision, Craig Wen, and Crimpiau form a dramatic backdrop to the still waters of Llyn Crafnant  
All pictures Copyright © 2009 Bernard Wellings
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