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Part two of Llanrwst to "Grey mare's tail waterfall"
Directions :   [ Map of Llanrwst to Llanrhychwyn Walk location ] Map opens in a new window

After visiting Llanrhychwyn Church we return to Llanrhychwyn Village and we continue the walk by following the sign (downhill) to Llanrwst. The road twists and turns, a small pond with an island appears to the right, then downhill again and a stream runs alongside the road tumbling down the hillside. The forest closes in Looking north up the Conwy Valleyagain and the shade encourages beautiful ferns and mosses to decorate the roadside. Where the sun manages to penetrate the tree canopies wild flowers carpet the forest floor.

As we continue with our descent the forest clears affording more views of Llanrwst and the rolling hills across the valley. The Gower Bridge that we crossed earlier is visible to the north and Gwydir Castle can be seen to the south.

After a further short uphill stretch you will see a style on the left hand side of the road. Cross the style and enter the woodland. The path zigzags down the hillside. To your right, through the trees you may see the first signs of the "Grey mare's tail waterfall". Continue down the path for the best views of the waterfalls. After pausing to view the waterfalls follow the path through the woodland arriving at wooden gates opening on to the B5106 Conwy valley road. Bear right and follow the directions to Llanrwst at the road junction ahead. A further mile or so takes you to the Afon Conwy and Pont Fawr, (the Big Bridge) the famous Llanrwst landmark.

The mare's tail waterfall near LlanrwstBut pause a while before crossing the bridge, as the equally famous property of "Ty hwnt ir bont" is on this bank of the river. Ty hwnt ir bont is an historic National Trust property and carries on the business of cafe and tea rooms for several months of the year. As famous for it's "cream teas" as it is for the structure itself, why not have a picnic on the river bank or inside the delightful old building?

There are two options for the final section of the walk, both involve crossing the bridge of course. But  then you have the choice of a pleasant riverside walk back to the Car Park / Railway Station or to follow the main A470 road through the town square. If taking the A470 route bear left on crossing the bridge then right into the town square. Continue through the town square bearing left and then right on exiting the square. Continue until you reach the fork in the road. Ignore the route that passes over the hump in the road and bear left following the signs to the Llanrwst North railway Station and Car Park.

The riverside walk is very pleasant and I would recommend it. But beware! The dogs have got to the footpath before you. It's such a shame as the local council have spent a lot of money to create a nice riverside path but then they have not followed it through by banning dogs on the path, or at least providing dog bins and penalty warnings. With the inevitable dog mess appearing everywhere.

Pont Fawr and Ty hunt i'r bont, tea rooms on the banks of the ConwyTo take the riverside path cross over Pont Fawr and bear left to the sharp bend in the road. Take the slate steps down to the path and continue alongside the river bank. Eventually the path leads into the main Llanrwst car park. Cross over the car park exiting left at the main road. Continue until you reach the fork in the road.

Ignore the route that passes over the hump in the road and bear left passing the Queen's Hotel public house following the signs to the Llanrwst North Railway Station and Car Park.

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Please -- click on the pictures below -- for enlarged pictures of the Walk from Llanrwst to Llanrhychwyn, Conwy Valley, Wales, UK.

Ophelia resting on Pont Fawr after completing the walk Conwy River near Pont Fawr
Ophelia on Pont Fawr with St Grwst's
Church in the background
Conwy River near Ty hwnt i'r bont
  Location of Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley
  Llanrwst nestling in the Conwy Valley

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