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A Lad's Guide to Nights Out. Part 2:
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Llandudno, the night clubs:

Highly recommended walk up the  Great Orme LlandudnoI’ll start with ‘Broadway Boulevard’ the slightly closer of the two clubs. This is where most of the younger people tend to end there nights. If you’re arriving on peak time on Saturday night between 10:45 and 11:45 you should be prepared to queue for up to half an hour and you should also expect to pay up to £6. If you are out on a Friday night the club is usually much quieter so you shouldn’t have to queue for too long. Once inside there’s usually a very lively atmosphere. The club is made up of two floors with two bars on the lower floor and three bars on the second; however the second floor is rarely open on a Friday during the winter. The dance floor is located in the centre of the lower floor with the second floor over looking so this can be an excellent vantage point for choosing your prey. Broadway Boulevard is usually a reasonably friendly environment as the bouncers are very competent and are usually very quick at stamping down on any untoward behaviour.

Alternatively you could end your night in ‘The Washington’. The Washington consists of three bars all housed under one roof. There is one bar on the side of the building which is very much like your traditional run of the mill quiet pub with a pleasant casual atmosphere but not really the type of place where you’d choose to end your night. On the ground floor at the front of the building is another bar which is mostly made up of people over the age of thirty. This bar tends to get very busy because it’s the only place where the over thirties can get a late drink without having to endure the ear splitting sounds of a conventional night club. The upper area of ‘The Washington’ is called ‘The Buzz Club’. The Buzz Club isn’t quite as popular as Broadway Boulevard. I think this is partly due to the fact that it has the unfortunate reputation of being a night club for chavs. But personally I’ve always managed to have an enjoyable night there but I would rarely choose it over Broadway Boulevard.

So there you have it, that was my round up of some of my preferred drinking establishments, pubs in the town of Llandudno.

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A walk up the Orme to see the fantastic views of the Bay  

Highly recommended a walk up the Great Orme

Llandudno pier from the Great Orme

Fantastic views of the Pier and North Bay

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