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Caersws, Powys
Caersws is a village community, with a population close to 1500 that lies in the heart of the countryside in the county of Powys, Mid Wales. The village sits on the banks of the River Severn at its confluence with the Afon Carno, between the town of Carno and Llanidloes on the A470 North-South road. It's nearest large neighbour is Newtown some 6 miles east.
Caersws takes its name from a legendary Roman Queen, Swsan (sometimes Swswen), who fought and lost a battle on the hills nearby. In defeat she wished to be executed and laid to rest with her warriors. Her victorious opponent admired both her bravery and her charms and chose to marry her rather than bury her.

Caersws lies on level ground with the Severn plain opening out eastward and the hills looming in front. There is evidence of activity in the area in pre-Roman times, the most obvious being the British hillfort to the south west on Cefn Carnedd. Later it was the Romans who chose Caersws as the ideal location for their strongest fort between the major fortresses of Chester and Caerleon. They built two forts at Caersws. The Lesser known Caersws I was built at Llwynybrain, possibly near the area known locally as "Broken Banks". Caersws II was built at Pendref where excavations have revealed some interesting stone buildings such as the Granary and the Bath house, and over the years many Roman coins have been found. Little is known of Caersws following the exit of the Romans from Britain and it was the Normans following the conquest of England in 1066 who then left their mark on the landscape.
Playing in the River Severn
Following the route of the Severn Valley from England the Normans subdued the Welsh by building several motte and bailey castles, the most notable local example of which is Rhos Ddiarbed at the Moat Farm. After Edward I's campaign of the late 13th century the Norman Conquest was complete and the street pattern of the township was planned. Its privileged status as a Borough with a Mayor was granted in these years. However, Caersws lost its township status nearly four centuries ago.
The rule of the Tudors and Stuarts brought more peaceful times and saw the building of several Black and White timbered houses in the area such as, Plasauduon, Maesmawr Hall, Pertheirin and Parcpenprys.
Walks, Cycle Trails and Other Activities

There are numerous walks in the area with delightful views of the Severn Valley. The Severn Way, a national trail, wends its way through the village en route from Llanidloes to Newtown. Slightly further afield are the mountains of Bwlchygarreg, where you will find three beautiful lakes, Llyn Du, Llyn Tarw and Llyn Mawr; fishing can be taken up at Llyn Tarw and Llyn Du, which is regularly stocked with trout, whilst Llyn Mawr is home to pike and perch. Moreover, if you find yourself in need of refreshment after all the exercise then there are three pubs in the village to slake your thirst; the Unicorn, the Red Lion and the Buck Hotel.

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