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Bronllys, Powys
Bronllys is situated in Powys Mid Wales. It sits 6 miles north east of Brecon and 1 mile north west of Talgarth. It is most famous for its castle and tower whose ruins are still visible today. During the 1080s, Lord of Brecon Bernard de Neufmarche gave his followers sections of land in order for them to build their own manors and castles. It was not until the 13th century that Richard Fitz Pons erected the castle. After his son Walter took the name Clifford, the castle remained in the family's hands until 1311, when the last heir to the estate, Maud Giffard, passed away.
Bulls Head Brecon
Afterwards, Bronllys fell into the hands of Rhys ap Hywel. His father, Hywel ap Meurig, was a good companion of high class families such as the Mortimers and the Bohuns, the Marcher Lords and also King Edward I. However, Rhys himself turned against the king and was imprisoned for a short time.
After his death in 1328, the castle passed on to his son Philip ap Rhys, but it didn't stay with him for long. After the king agreed with Humphrey de Bohun IV that the castle should be ruled by a powerful man, the castle passed to him in 1351. When he died in 1373, Bronllys castle moved into the hands of Mary, the de Bohun heiress, and her husband Henry, who was the Earl of Derby.
Because the Duke of Gloucester had married Eleanor, the other de Bohun heiress, he declared that he had rights to the castle, but he never received it. In 1399 Henry became King, and the castle was put in the hands of the monarchy. In 1478 the castle passed into the hands of Henry Duke of Buckingham, then on to his son Edward in 1483. Finally in 1521 Bronllys Castle was returned to the monarchy. It is now in the hands of CADW.

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