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St Hywyn's Church sits on the edge of the sea on the edge of Wales in the village of The beautiful location of St Hywyn's Church in AberdaronAberdaron.

It's proximity to the sea almost led to it being abandoned in the 19th century, but there was such an outcry that it was saved and restored. The church is named after the son of a Breton saint and missionary.

In the fifth century, when it was founded, St Hywyn's would have been a simple wooden structure but the oldest portion of the present church dates from the twelfth century. Aberdaron had a monastic community linked to Bardsey Island the centre of great pilgrimages. The fine 12th century west door and the extension of the church in the 16th century are evidence of the wealth brought to St Hywyn's by the pilgrims.

St Hywyn's is also home to the Anelog Stones, a pair of 6th century grave stones. The two stones were The Norman doorway of St Hywyn's Churchfound at Capel Anelog on the eastern slope of Mynydd Anelog (Anelog mountain) just a few miles north of Aberdaron. It is thought that this may have been the location of the original monastery that was established before Aberdaron and Bardsey.
Both stones record the graves of priests. One is inscribed VERACIUS PBR HIC IACIT or : Veracius the priest lies here.
The other stone reads SENACUS PRSB HIC IACIT CVM MULTITVDINEM FRATRVM   PRESB(IT)E(R) or : Senacus the priest lies here with the multitude of the brethren, Priest.

Unfortunately I was unaware of the stones on the day I visited and the pictures will have to wait until another day!

In more recent times St Hywyn's is famous as being the parish church of the parson and often miserable Welsh poet R.S.Thomas. RS Thomas, who died in 2000, was vicar of Aberdaron from 1967 to 1978 and he enjoyed a reputation for being outspoken both in and out of the pulpit. Many visitors come to Aberdaron each year to see for themselves the landscape and people who influenced his writing so deeply. There is an exhibition in the Church that commemorates his time as Vicar.

.Location :

Aberdaron sits at the tip of the Llyn (Lleyn) peninsula in Gwynedd, north west Wales. St Hywyn's Church is on the seafront.


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St Hywyn's Church location on the sea edge in  Aberdaron
St Hywyn's Church
St Hywyn's Church location in Aberdaron
St Hywyn's Church west face
St Hywyn's Church bell
St Hywyn's Church bell

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